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Safety Protocols For Players & Coaches

As we strive to keep all of our players and participants safe during this pandemic, we have instituted several protocols as part of our return to play. These also extend to players interested in HVSA who are attending a practice session or tryout.

Please be sure to follow the directions below.

  1. The Mandatory Township & HVSA Waiver forms must be completed before attending your first HVSA session. The waiver can be found and e-signed here.
  2. If you are not currently on an HVSA travel team, then prior to attending your first HVSA session, you must complete this online form to provide the information we are required to provide the township for contact tracing purposes: [COMING SOON]
  3. Prior to 3pm on the day of EVERY session the player or coach attends, the mandatory health questionnaire must be completed.
  4. The player/coach must wear a face mask/covering when walking from their car to the field and, at the conclusion of practice, from the field to their car.
  5. Upon arrival at the practice or tryout session, each player & coach is temperature checked using a non-contact thermometer. If the player or coach has a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher during that check, they will not be permitted to participate. Hand sanitizer will also be applied to each person after their temperature check and before they are permitted to enter the field.
  6. Once on the field, each player will have a physically distanced cone where they can leave their soccer bag and belongings. They will remain there until the coach gives them permission to remove their face mask/covering and calls them onto the practice field.