COVID Safety Protocols

As we strive to keep all of our players and participants safe, we have instituted several protocols as part of our return to play. Our Rec and Travel Team Managers will help implement these protocols.

Please be sure to follow these directions:

  1. The Mandatory Township & HVSA Waiver forms must be completed before attending your first HVSA session. This is the same waiver as used in the Spring and Fall of 2021, so if you have completed it previously for your player you do not need to do it again. For all others, the waiver can be found and e-signed here.
  2. For indoor sessions during the winter season, masks must be worn by everyone inside the building, except for our players during their games.  This is the school's directive per this executive order and is necessary for us to have permission to use the gyms.  For outdoor sessions, masks will be required for coaches unless they are fully vaccinated.
  3. Contact tracing will be required for our players, coaches, and referees, for every practice session and game. This information will be gathered via the HealthCheck App.
  4. Prior to EVERY session (practice or game) the player or coach attends, a mandatory health questionnaire must be completed via the HealthCheck App and a green screen will need to be shown to the coach or team manager.
  5. Spectators must remain on the opposite sideline from players.
  6. We will try to limit congregate settings (half-time talks, huddles, etc.)
  7. No sharing of drinks or snacks. This means no team snacks.
  8. There will be no sharing of equipment.