COVID Safety Protocols

As we strive to keep all of our players and participants safe, the below outlines our updated Covid protocols following guidance from the school district and NJ Department of Health. We will continue to monitor and adjust as the season goes on and communicate any changes as necessary.

As you review the below, know that in all situations we ask that parents look at the big picture and act in the best interest of all HVSA players and families. While we know players do not want to sit-out, especially when they can go to school and appear non-symptomatic, we want to risk mitigate the situation where an entire team is required to shut-down and miss weeks of games and practices. We appreciate everyone’s commitment to ensure a safe and healthy playing environment for all HVSA players.

Green Screens / Communication

- We will discontinue the use our Next Level Health Check app effectively immediately.

- Instead we ask that all families monitor their children throughout the season for covid exposure and covid like symptoms.  If your child or anyone in your household is exhibiting any covid like symptoms or is awaiting the results from a covid test, please keep your child home. It’s much better to have your child miss a game than to have an outbreak that shuts down his/her whole team (or multiple teams!).

- If you have an exposure or are unsure about any of the below, please reach out to your coach or to Catherine Wilson for rec ( or Ben Chrnelich for travel ( before attending any HVSA game or practice session.  Coaches, please escalate to Catherine and Ben as needed.

Covid Positive Protocol

Following a positive covid test, you must sit out of soccer activities for 10 days following the positive test regardless of symptoms.  They may return to HVSA activities on day 11 where day 0 is the day of the positive test.

Covid Exposure Protocol

  1. If your vaccination is up to date or you have a confirmed positive covid test within 90 days, you must remain home from HVSA activities and then test on or after the 5th day following that exposure where day 0 is the last day of exposure. Rapid, antigen, and at-home tests are acceptable for this test.  You may return to HVSA activities upon receiving a negative result on that test assuming no symptoms have developed. 
  2. If your vaccination is not up to date, you may return to HVSA activities on the 11th day following exposure where day 0 is the last day of exposure.

International Travel Protocol

Regardless of vaccination status, players must take a PCR test (not a rapid test) 3-5 days after returning home.  With a negative test and assuming no symptoms, a player whose vaccination is up to date may return on day 6 and day 11 for those whose vaccination is not up to date.

Domestic Travel Protocol

- We ask you to use common sense here, this travel protocol is travel to places like Disney World, etc where there is a higher risk of exposure.  Simply traveling to visit family would not count here.

- If your player’s vaccination is up to date, no quarantine or isolation is required if the player and all members of their household are symptom free.  If someone in the household, or the player, has symptoms, a negative test should be obtained before the player attends an HVSA event.

- For players whose vaccination is not up to date, they may return to play on day 8 with a negative PCR test (not an antibody test) taken no sooner than 3-5 days from returning home, or day 11 with no test.  Both assume your player is symptom free.