COVID Safety Protocols

As we strive to keep all of our players and participants safe, the below outlines our updated Covid protocols following guidance from the school district and NJ Department of Health. We will continue to monitor and adjust as the season goes on and communicate any changes as necessary.

Consistent with the approach HVRSD is taking, our focus now is on positive covid cases only.  If your child tests positive for covid they must sit out of all HVSA activities for 10 days, counting day 0 as the first day of symptoms or the day of the positive test.  The child may return to play on day 11.  We recognize that children may be able to return to school during days 6-10 wearing a mask, but as we do not want to mandate that a child wear a mask while playing soccer, we have opted for the longer rest period.

If you would like to test your child again during days 6-10 and they test negative, they may return to play "early".  No child may return before day 6.  

As a general note, if your child is not feeling well, covid or otherwise, please do not send them to soccer.  Our goal is to mitigate the situation where an entire team is required to shut down and miss weeks of games and practices. We appreciate everyone’s commitment to ensure a safe and healthy playing environment for all HVSA players.